Wednesday, June 11, 2008

06/11/08 Photo of the Day (Extra Credit)

Actually since there is a good chance I will not post anything during Bonnaroo I will post a few extras.

Here we have a shot of John Bell of Widespread Panic fame at Bonnaroo 2007, The Flaming Lips crowd late night at Roo 2007, the Lips themselves and the seldom seen Oysterhead from Bonnaroo 2006.

06/11/08 Photo of the Day

Bonnarooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! One of last year's headliners, and a somewhat disappointment, Sting from The Police. This year the headliners; Metallica, Pearl Jam and Widespread Panic should bring the heat all three nights. Also Kanye West 2AM main stage performance should be monumental. Now that it is almost here I can't wait to get it started!