Thursday, January 3, 2008

01/05/2008 Photo of the Day (Advance)

Here is a lens baby shot of Jake from Umphrey's Mcgee. The Umph boys made a lot of noise in 2007, and should keep rolling right on thru 08. I am anxious to see what this year brings for them.

01/04/08 Photo of the Day (Advance)

Patterson Hood just seemed like the perfect candidate for a multiple exposure, because he is so expressive in his music. During the Drive-By Truckers performance at Vandy's Rites of Spring I caught this burst of emotion. I like to think it captures the intensity of Patterson's presence.

01/03/08 Photo of the Day

I will be traveling all day tomorrow, and know that I might not get photos posted for the next day or so. With that said I am going to go ahead and post a few extra in advance. World Sax Group is one of those shows at N.O. Jazz Festival that you don't plan to be at, but you leave thinking you may have seen one of the best performances of the festival. This took a while to get right. It is individual shots of all four members of the band stacked in camera. Maybe it was pure luck, but I like it!

01/02/08 Photo of the Day

Multiple exposures are really my favorite spice to my photographic stew. I have a good friend, Micheal Wientrob who is a phenomenal multiple exposure photographer. It is not a new technique, however I think a few people have pushed the envelop in using the tool with live music photography. Michael is certainly one of them, along with greats like Jay Blakesburg and C Taylor Crothers. It is the skill of layering images on top of one another in camera. At times seeming like a mathmatic evaluation of spacing and asthetics, it truly is a gift to be able to master.

Anyway I have learned a great deal from the previously mentioned photographers work, and yet feel that in no way do we have the same style. I have a great deal of ground to cover to have accomplished what those guys have done, and can't wait to get there.

Speaking of getting there, let's get back to the point- SOULIVE!
This is a multiple exposure of the Evans brothers funking it up at Exit In here in the Music City.