Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21/08 Photo of the Day (make up work)

Soulive is some bad muthas. Krasno has his hands all over all types of hit records right now, and the band continues to throw down as one of the best trios around. They started the first night of Jamcruise's music off with a sail away show on the pool deck.
Setting the precedent for what would happen all week, they were joined by guests like Karl Denson and Ivan Neville throughout the set. Here is a photo of Allen Evans kicking out the jam behind the kit.

1/21/08 Photo of the Day (make up work)

Keeping with the funk stuff from Jamcruise. Here is a photo from The Motet's set in the Lirica Lounge. The Motet hails from Boulder Colorado, and they know how to bring it. They have evolved into a revved up world beat influenced electronic band. When I first saw these guys tearing apart the Boulder Theater they were heavy on percussion (in fact they ended the show in a drum line marching out onto the courthouse lawn). These days Dominc Lalli's sax drives the beat alongside Adam Revell's axe. The best part of The Motet is the unbreakable backbone of Garret Sayers on bass and Dave Watts behind the kit. Check them out if you get the chance.

1/21/08 Photo of the Day (Make up work)

Here is another photo from Jamcruise 6. The first night on board, the guiding light Col. Bruce Hampton was set to lead a session in the Jam room. He brought with him a cast of A-listers like Grant Green Jr., George Porter Jr., Stanton Moore, Robert Walter, Karl Denson and Jeff Coffin. They were all joined later by Warren Haynes and I think at one point or another Steve Kimock and Eric Krasno. The bar was raised so high by that jam that the room felt empty when the last note rang out. All of the energy had been used up, and no one wanted to follow what had just happened. Later the same morning I caught up with Col. for some breakfast and conversation. He agreed that it was an amazing late night of music. In fact he said it may have been his most enjoyable night of making music. Topping playing on the same stage as Zappa and Clapton in the 70's. That is heavy!

01/21/08 Photo of the Day

WOW! I came home from Jamcruise and missed the mark for a few days. I will try and upload a few photos a day for the next week or so to get caught back up.

The first one today is from Jamcruise 6. The Funky Meters blew up the boat every chance they got. This is Russell Batiste in action from the Pool deck. Throughout all of their sets they were joined by a variety of friends. Stanton Moore, Ivan Neville, Skerik and many others. How could you possibly go wrong inviting the Funky Meters to your party!