Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photo of the Day 12/21/2007

I assisted for a good friend and an amazing photographer today, Dean Dixon.  The subject was TN Titan pro bowl defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth.  Thru Dean's creative energy I was  reminded of a photo I took at Bonnaroo this past summer.  During Manu Chao's set I just couldn't find my place and visualize nice photos.  In a moment of frustration waiting on the guy in front of me to stop waiving his camera in the air (in hopes that a photo might smack into it) I noticed it was cool to see the pics come up on his viewfinder.  The photo on the back of his camera is actually one of mine from the show.  I carefully resized it and layered it on to the LCD.  Another great moment brought to you by turkey.  

Photo of the Day 12/20/2007

A friend of mine told me over a turkey bag I should put up a shot of Tom Petty, and since I too had tasted the turkey I could not think of anything better.   If you don't love Tom Petty who exactly do you love?  It is from deep down in the vault, and was taken at the late and never really that great Starwood Amphitheater.  Enjoy-