Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photo of the Day 12/21/2007

I assisted for a good friend and an amazing photographer today, Dean Dixon.  The subject was TN Titan pro bowl defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth.  Thru Dean's creative energy I was  reminded of a photo I took at Bonnaroo this past summer.  During Manu Chao's set I just couldn't find my place and visualize nice photos.  In a moment of frustration waiting on the guy in front of me to stop waiving his camera in the air (in hopes that a photo might smack into it) I noticed it was cool to see the pics come up on his viewfinder.  The photo on the back of his camera is actually one of mine from the show.  I carefully resized it and layered it on to the LCD.  Another great moment brought to you by turkey.  

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Unknown said...

Cool, pic! If I don't see you NYE - have a good one!