Thursday, January 3, 2008

01/02/08 Photo of the Day

Multiple exposures are really my favorite spice to my photographic stew. I have a good friend, Micheal Wientrob who is a phenomenal multiple exposure photographer. It is not a new technique, however I think a few people have pushed the envelop in using the tool with live music photography. Michael is certainly one of them, along with greats like Jay Blakesburg and C Taylor Crothers. It is the skill of layering images on top of one another in camera. At times seeming like a mathmatic evaluation of spacing and asthetics, it truly is a gift to be able to master.

Anyway I have learned a great deal from the previously mentioned photographers work, and yet feel that in no way do we have the same style. I have a great deal of ground to cover to have accomplished what those guys have done, and can't wait to get there.

Speaking of getting there, let's get back to the point- SOULIVE!
This is a multiple exposure of the Evans brothers funking it up at Exit In here in the Music City.

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