Tuesday, June 17, 2008

06/17/08 Photo of the Day

Well the sometimes photo of the day is back after a long weekend at Bonnaroo. Despite being a loyal member of the hard working heart and soul press to attend Bonnaroo almost every year (all but the first) I was not allowed to shoot Metallica and Pearl Jam (which really upset me). I mean that is the main reason most people came to the festival this year. But apparently the only people worthy of bringing you news and images from Bonnaroo are the big dogs like Rolling Stone and other publications who were granted permission to shoot by the festivals publicist. So once again big dog beats little dog down the back stretch. I did get some good stuff though before laying down the lenses and having some fun.

ROO '08 will be your subject matter for a few days I'm sure.

Here we have !!!, Big Sam, Les Claypool, some crowd action, Ozomatli and Tiesto

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