Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo of the Week 06/08/09

Here is a little something different from one of my favorite spots in North Carolina, Tsali. Western North Carolina is a mecca for good timing. There is great mountain biking all over the place. Pisgah, Tsali, Dupont and so much more. If you like to scale rocks there is tons of stellar climbs, and if you are slower paced in your enjoyment of the woods the hiking is great too. Asheville is ridiculous!!! And Phish is there this week. Anyway this is my buddy Dave turning G's thru one of the wrap around corners on the right Loop of the Tsali Trail System. Enjoi-


Bev said...

You guys are crazy, but as always I continue to live vicariously through your lens....


Brad Hodge Photography said...

Were not crazy, but thanks for the props. Just tryin to make the most of these old busted up fun machines we have for bodies :) Thanks for always checking in with my posts. Hope all is well in your world-