Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo of the Week 11/08/2011

Without fail every year I seem to have a period when I feel divided from my work. May seem like a bad thing, but actually is always enjoyable. For whatever reason I have to step away from taking pictures, and trying to always be in the right place at the right time. I revert back to going to see music because I love it, not because it is work. I free myself from the burden of backpacks full of heavy equipment. I stand out in the crowd, and allow the energy of anticipation and excitement to control the pulsing flow of blood thru my veins. I indulge in the simplicity of being a fan. Dance like no one is watching, and get back to why I fell in love with live music in the first place.

So rather than just not have much to share I will go in to the vaults to offer up a blog entry. Today was a super exciting day for news of Rock 'n Roll. Radiohead will tour the US in 2012, and I for one plan to see at least a couple of their shows. Here is a shot of Thom Yorke from Bonnaroo 2006. What an epic show that was!

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