Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photo of the Week 06/03/2013

What a freakin weekend! Huge shows by some of my favorites. Dumpstaphunk led things off for me at the Lyons Outdoor Games. It was a free show, and worth all that and a whole lot more. Ivan and crew crushed the gorgeous evening, and got me all fired up for Saturday night's appointment with the London Souls and Lettuce. I have been diggin on the London Souls for years now, but haven't had the chance to catch a show till this past weekend. Very seldom do I find out about a band I love and not see them for years. It was worth the wait. Kraz sat in with the band the whole set, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

If I had to pick a favorite band it would be beyond difficult. I could tell you this it would be between The Motet and Lettuce. Fortunately I get to see lots of The Motet, so when Lettuce comes around it is the blockbuster hit for me. These guys really have more chops than any other musical collective. There is not a weak spot in the band. The "Let us play" crew blew the roof off of Cervante's (not surprised reports say they ripped the roof off Friday night as well).

Nigel Hall came out and whipped things into a frenzy with some amazing vocals.

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