Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is this thing still on.......06/2014


What gives? Where you all been? I don't miss the grind of working in the music industry. Don't get me wrong I have done some amazing things, met some fabulous people and learned an art that I will always cherish. However swimming in a sea of talent, many who don't respect their work or the profession enough to charge properly, dealing with friends along the way that forget about hiring you, when they know it means the world to you, general lack of understanding of the cost and talent that goes into actually being good and capable of delivering on tight deadlines and just the seemingly grimy feeling the business side always seemed to leave on me weighs me down no longer. I do however miss the creative outlet. I have tried to get back into shooting music, however on most nights the fire just doesn't ignite. Earlier this summer though my buddy Morgan called me up and asked if I would come do some portraits of the Lettuce crew and shoot the Red Rocks show. The boys and Gramatik sold the joint out, and it was a blast. Fire was strong that night! This is a cool shot that shows the enormity of the Lettuce Rage Family!

Tune in occasionally as I might fine the fire for more limited engagements. At the very least I might start posting some landscape and travel imagery. As always thanks for playing-


Bryan said...

Definitely keep shooting and keep posting. Music, landscapes, or bikes, just keep shooting and posting.

ILLUMNTR said...

Hey Brad, been trying to hit you up for a few weeks to check out our photos from Red Rocks. Maybe I got your email address wrong that night... could you hit me back at ? Thanks! We're really excited to see the photos! -Bryn (ILLUMNTR)